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How it all began...

As a self taught sewer Alisha has always been crafty

finding things to make for family & friends. 

She made her first dolls for her nieces because they wanted dolls that looked like them but there was nothing similar in shops or online at the time (even today it's not easy).


 The delight these first dolls brought made Alisha realise there was a gap in the market, for dolls that reflected not only her family but the diverse multicultural society around us today. She wanted to give making dolls a chance so headed to her favourite local market, Camden Lock and found her first opportunity to start her business.


Alisha opened Sugacandipop as a pop

up shop in the Dingwalls Gallery, next door to the famous Market Hall in 2012. Alisha made and sold her dolls in her shoplet 7 days a week. With help from her sister and good friends the initial pop up was so well received that it stayed open for over a year. It only closed when Alisha was due to have a baby starting a family of her own.



During her time off with her family she continued her professional background in childcare and playwork, specialising in crafts. She has worked with children for 15 years now and has made their delight her passion. She craved to bring her dolls back to the public so brainstormed, crowdfunded and planned her way to become a mother maker. 












She relaunched her diverse doll making business under a new name Thimble & Doll ready for Christmas 2017. The dolls are still designed, drawn, cut and stitched by hand by the lady herself but are now even more environmentally friendly, safety conscious & more diverse.

In 2012 she started with 5 skin tones but has now doubled this to 10! She brought her remastered doll selection & bespoke order service back to her roots, local markets in London & associated events. Touching base with her customers new & old; young and young at heart alike.

You can buy a selection of pre made dolls from her online shop (Opening again Sep 2019) or make a bespoke order for your own doll using a user friendly online form.

There are currently 4 styles of doll available and different sizes to choose from, with lots of customising options for that really personal touch.

Seasonal specials like Easter bunnies and Christmas angels, personalised decorations and interesting collaborations are also in the picture so continue to follow and support us as the journey of bespoke diverse dolls continues.

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"Diversity is a core value of my business and is important because representation matters. We don't all look the same, we come in all different colours, so dolls should too!"

 - Alisha, Founder


all the dolls are handmade in London from felt & cotton. Alisha selects all the fabrics herself and buys them in small quantities to make each pattern limited edition.

All dolls are           tested for safety & fully compliant.


AUG 2012

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DEC 2013

NOV 2017

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