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Meet the Bunnies

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

After getting great feedback from my original doll collection, I wanted to branch out into making a few different types of doll.  I wanted an animal that could be cute or cool and something that would appeal to both boys and girls.

I decided on bunnies and realised that Easter want to far off and it's make a great time to launch them, so I got to drawing and sketching out a few face designs.  I wanted to keep the body style similar to my original dolls with the heart and pocket available to be personalised if requested.  

I made a small collection of 8 bunnies 4 styles in 2 fur colours light and tan and posted my first pic of them on Easter Sunday. I was amazed to get an order for 2, within an hour of the pic being up.  That set was for a brother and sister, in Munich Germany and their mother wanted to surprise them.

The bunny collection will soon be available from my online shop.

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